What we do

SDA Marine provides a comprehensive suite of services from historical research to underwater inspection, diving and high technology remote survey, utilising the most advanced sonar mapping tools and data interpretation software.  Our approach is innovative and highly professional. For construction and engineering projects we believe in a structured and phased approach to a project. Professional comprehensive desk studies will determine the graded level of historical potential of a site, so that appropriate levels of subsea intervention can be recommended.  This avoids unnecessary additional project costs and focuses high technology seabed survey resources on highly graded sites for historical potential.

Based on years of experience, we are well positioned to advise organisations on how best to manage their marine archaeological resources. Any underwater site could have the potential to reveal valuable new historical insights into the history and development of an area. These sites require protection and in many cases can be harnessed as a cultural heritage site, revealing the past to a wider audience.

Successful marine archaeology requires a comprehensive understanding of the history of a designated location, an intimate knowledge of the underwater environment and technology best employed to investigate those subsea locations combined with proven experience in the concise and professional interpretation and reporting methods for the resulting data.

SDA Marine is often one part of a highly complex project organisation and we offer a professional service that is geared to the success of the project as a whole.